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Dagmar Hirtz was born in Aachen and studied Music in Munich. After an apprenticeship in a film processing lab, she worked as an assistant editor, assistant director and production assistant before editing such films as: Maximilian Schell's Erste Liebe, Der Fussgaenger, Der Richter und sein Henker, Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald, and his documentary film Marlene, as well as Margarethe von Trotta's films Die bleierne Zeit, Heller Wahn, and Rosa Luxemburg, among others. In 1984, she began directing, including the films: Unerreichbare Naehe (1984), Moondance (1993), Through Roses (1996), Die Konkurrentin (TV, 1997), Schwiegermutter (TV, 1999), Bella Block - Bitterer Verdacht (TV, 2001), and Kiss Me Frog (Kuess Mich Frosch, 2001). In 1996, she was awarded the Film Prize of the City of Munich for her extensive contribution to German cinema. She was also awarded three German Film Awards for Best Editing for her work on Trotta, Der Richter und sein Henker, and Georg Elser - Einer aus Deutschland.