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Pepe Danquart was born in 1955 and studied Communications from 1975-1981. He received an Academy Award® in 1994 for his widely acclaimed short BLACK RIDER (SCHWARZFAHRER, 1993). Together with Mirjam Quinte, he co-directed PASST BLOSS AUF ... (1980) and OFF SEASON (NACH SAISON, 1996). His other films include: DAEDALUS (1991), a segment of DAS 7. JAHR - ANSICHTEN ZUR LAGE DER NATION (1997), PLAYBOYS (1998), HEIMSPIEL (2000) which won him the German Film Award in Gold for Best Director in 2000, MÖRDERINNEN (2001), SEMANA SANTA (2002), HELL ON WHEELS (HÖLLENTOUR, 2004, in co-direction with Werner Swiss Schweizer), C(R)OOK (BASTA. ROTWEIN ODER TOT SEIN, 2004), TO THE LIMIT (AM LIMIT, 2007), and RUN BOY RUN (LAUF JUNGE LAUF, 2013), among others.