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Hark Bohm was born in 1939 in Hamburg and studied Law in Berlin, Lausanne and Hamburg. Following his state exam, he worked as a legal assistant for lawyer and film director Norbert Kueckelmann. He acquired further experience working for Volker Schloendorff, Alexander Kluge and Rudolf Thomé. In 1970, he directed his first short film Wie starb Roland S? and two years later, his first feature Tschetan der Indianerjunge. Following this, he directed numerous award-winning theatrical and television films. Hark Bohm was a founding member of the Filmverlag der Autoren and the Hamburg Film Office. His other films include: The North Sea Is Muderous (Nordsee ist Mordsee, 1975), Moritz, Dear Moritz (Moritz, lieber Moritz, 1978), The Little State Prosecutor (Der kleine Staatsanwalt 1987), Yasemin (1988), Crossing Borders (Herzlich Willkommen, 1990), For Ever and Ever (Fuer immer und immer, 1997) and Vera Bruehne (TV, 2001).