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Josef Bierbichler was born in 1948. He graduated from the Otto Falckenberg Drama School in Munich. When Bierbichler met the director Herbert Achternbusch in the mid-70s, the two formed a creative alliance and worked together on the films THE ATLANTIC SWIMMERS (1975), BEER CHASE (1977) and BYE-BYE BAVARIA (1977). In 1987 he made his script writing and directorial debut with TRIUMPH OF THE JUST, after a story by Oskar Maria Graf. Furthermore he worked with directors such as Werner Herzog, Michael Haneke, Jan Schütte and Tom Tykwer. Bierbichler is successful both in film and on stage. He was awarded Actor of the Year multiple times by the industry magazine Theater heute and was awarded, amongst others, the Gertrude-Eysoldt-Ring. For HIERANKL (2003), directed by Hans Steinbichler, he was nominated as Best Actor at the German Film Awards and won the Adolf-Grimme-Preis in Gold. For his role in WINTERREISE (2006), Bierbichler won the German Film Award for Best Actor in 2007. In 2009 he was nominated as Best Actor at the German Film Awards again for his role in A YEAR AGO IN WINTER by Caroline Link. TWO MEN IN SUITS is his newest directorial work, based on the novel Mittelreich also written by Josef Bierbichler.