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Piers Ashworth was born in 1957 in London and studied Modern History at Oxford University. He started work in publishing as an editor and went on to journalism as a freelance features writer and then into television as a researcher and assistant producer for independent drama and documentary programs. In 1985 he began work in music videos - producing, writing and directing dozens of clips for bands including Black Sabbath, Madness, Bon Jovi and Janet Jackson. He subsequently worked as a writer, rewriter and script doctor for Paramount, Universal, Tristar and MGM for such films as Mission Impossible (1992) and Lawnmower Man (1994). He has also worked on such feature films as Nostradamus (1995) and Pinocchio (1996) as well as on the television films The Metaphysical Policeman (1996), 5NY (1997) and The Big One (1997). Girl is his first feature film as a director.