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Andreas Lechner was born in 1959 in Munich. He studied Music from 1978-1983 at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. Active an an author, actor and composer, he founded a musical cabaret group and has performed with Dieter Hildebrandt, Otto Gruenmandl and Bruno Jonas, among others, and has received numerous awards for his albums. In 1988, he wrote the libretto and music for Der letzte Milkaner, which appeared at the Munich Biennale. His first contact to film was his role in Josef Bierbichler's TRIUMPH DER GERECHTEN, for which he also worked as the production assistant. He has directed the films HASENBERGL, HOT DOGS and BUTTERFLIES IN THE NIGHT (SCHMETTERLINGE DER NACHT), and has recently appeared in the films DIE SCHEINHEILIGEN (2001) by Thomas Kronthaler and FEIERTAG (2002) by Detlef Bothe.