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GREAT FREEDOM (WT) tells the life story of Hans Hoffmann in several interwoven time periods. Hans is twenty when he is imprisoned for the first time because of his homosexuality. Protective custody. Auschwitz concentration camp. At the end of the war, all prisoners are released from the concentration camps. All of them? No, Hans is transferred directly to prison. Paragraph 175, in force since 1872 and tightened in 1935, con- tinues to apply. But Hans persists in searching for freedom and love, even when they are found at the most unusual place.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Director Sebastian Meise
Screenplay Sebastian Meise, Thomas Reider
Cast Franz Rogowski, Georg Friedrich
Producers Sabine Moser, Benny Drechsel, Oliver Neumann
Production Companies Freibeuter Films, Rohfilm Productions