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Did You Ever Fall in Love with Me? (War'n Sie schon mal in mich verliebt?)

Did You Ever Fall in Love with Me?
Scene from "Did You Ever Fall in Love with Me?" (photo © ICON FILM)

"Did you ever fall in love with me?" - that was how the popular comedian Max Hansen ironically yet endearingly attacked Adolf Hitler as a homosexual. In the late 1920s Hansen was forced to leave Germany. The multi-talented entertainer lost his audience and was never again to be seen on a German stage. His children and many others who were part of his life tell their side of the story about the tragicomic life of the popular artist.
Genre History, Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2005
Director Douglas Wolfsperger
Screenplay Douglas Wolfsperger, Michael Lentz
Cinematography Igor Luther
Jean-Marc Lesguillons
Hans-Juergen Buchner
Cast Ann-Mari Hansen, Max Hansen Jr., Eva Reinhardt, Brigitte Mira, Volker Kuehn, Fred Wennerholm
Producers Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk
Production Company COIN FILM/Cologne, in co-production with epo-film/Vienna
Runtime 89 min
Format 35 mm, color, b&w
Subtitled Versions English, German
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Locarno 2005 (Critics' Week), Biberach 2005, Nordische Filmtage Luebeck 2005, Braunschweig 2005, Luenen 2005, Kassel Doc & Video 2005, FIPATEL Biarritz 2006
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM, Filmfonds Wien
German Distributor GMfilms/Berlin

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