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photo © 2011 Nico Sommer

The BERLIN BEGINNERS are Anna, Robert and Niko – ambitious unknown Berlin artists driven by their dream to make it in the hard knock world of pop. Their different life phases offer a personal, comical and tragic insight into life's reality for musicians in Germany, removed from glamour and groupies.

The 19-year-old high-school graduate Anna still lives at home, looking naively at her future as frontwoman with a guitar. Her mother feels “the world doesn’t need such music.” Her father supports her almost unconditionally – until the first skepticism appears.

Robert is the quiet, prudent and sensitive figure. The 25-year-old guitarist and singer considers himself a pop-musician. As a determined character, Robert applies at one of the best pop-schools: the Conservatorium in Amsterdam. But he fails to make it in, and a second child is already underway...

Niko (34), from Berlin-Neukölln, is chaotic, but honest and direct. Along with his cello “umbra” and a loopbox, this one-man-orchestra roams the land. He struggles through the hard winter on poorly paid appearances. Then he plays his first intercontinental gig – and realizes the big differences to Germany.

BERLIN BEGINNERS is a long-term observation in the style of Direct Cinema and the portrait of a jaded society in which you can become anything you desire to be.
Genre Art, Biopic, Educational, Music
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2011
Director Nico Sommer
Screenplay Nico Sommer
Cinematography Nico Sommer
Producer Nico Sommer
Production Company süsssauer Filmproduktion/Berlin, in co-production with Kunsthochschule Kassel
Runtime 87 min
Format HD, color, 1:1.78
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Documentary Film Festival Kassel 2011
With backing from Hessische Filmförderung

World Sales
süsssauer Filmproduktion
Nico Sommer