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© Mario Hötschl

REAL MEN traces the development of the Tough Guy from the beginnings of Bogart and John Wayne to the ultimate coolness of Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood, to the machos of the 80s and the role models of today. While going back and forth in time, the film speaks about much more than just masculinity on screen. Leading men don't start their service out of nowhere, they are always a sign of the times. The film digs deeper: How are these men made or even manufactured? What forces prevail in molding them? Reality has long since caught up with cinema. The Tough Guy image has made it into politics and has been, once again, relentlessly perpetuated in mainstream movies. Was it really so wise to leave the definition of manhood to cinema? And who's going to control the screen from now on? Visually the film is a stunning re-examination of how manhood works for the big screen and its influence on men around the world. In the context of what has been going on in society and behind the scenes of big film productions, the documentary offers a new framing of the topic for a new critical assessment of macho cinema.
Genre Action
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2019
Director Hasko Baumann
Cinematography Mario Hötschl
Producer Edda Baumann-von Broen
Production Company avanti media plus
Runtime 90 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.78
 English, German, French
Subtitled Version English

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