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(Kennwort: Reiher)

Together with two Americans, a British major is smuggled across the Spanish border by the French-Belgian resistance. With his goal in sight, he suddenly becomes the victim of a tragic mistake.

Rudolf Jugert was born in 1907 in Hanover and died in 1979 in Munich. A selection of is films includes: Film Without a Name (Film ohne Titel, 1948), Hallo Fraulein (1949), Detour (Nachts auf den Strassen, 1952), Illusion in a Minor Key (Illusion in Moll, 1952), A Love Story (Eine Liebesgeschichte, 1954), Effi Briest (1955), The River Line (Kennwort: Reiher, 1964) and numerous television films.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1963
Director Rudolf Jugert
Screenplay Herbert Reinecker
Cinematography Wolf Wirth, Hans Jura
Cast Peter van Eyck, Marie Versini, Walter Rilla, Fritz Wepper, Chez Hickmann
Production Companies Seitz Filmproduktion/Munich, Filmaufbau/Munich, Independent-Film/Munich
Length 95 min
Format b&w
Original Version
Awards German Film Award 1964