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Wild Games (Combat de Fauves)

Wild Games

Charles Cuvelier, a successful advertising executive in his fifties, a master in creating desires, dreams and disappointments: he can even make an old sock sexy or will convince you that life without frozen chickens is not one worth living. "Luxury appartment for single, well-situated gentleman. No dogsÒ. In fact, he only wanted to rent a flat. But when the lift suddenly gets stuck between the 3rd and 4th floors, Charles initially thinks that itÍs just a simple breakdown. In reality, though, the breakdown is not an accident, but the beginning of a game. What is being played? What are the stakes? Only the woman, who is looking at him provocatively from the half-landing, seems to know the rules of the game. She veers between cruelty and seduction as she stretches Charles to his very limits. He is alone, uncertain and no longer in a position to play the role of the man who is at one with him-self and the rest of the world. But is he ready to assume the role she has chosen for him?

The film's story is based on a novella by Henri-Frédéric Blanc.

Benoit Lamy was born in Arlon, Belgium, on 19 September 1945 and graduated from I.A.D. in 1967. He was an intern on Pasolini's Oedipus Rex in Italy in 1968 and founded his company Lamy Films in 1976. Among the films his company has (co-) produced are Pierre Joassin's Gros Coeurs (1986), Mary Jimenez's L'Air De Rien (1989), Rosa Verges' Boom Boom (1990), and F»érid Boughédir's Une Eté à la Goulette (1995). Serving as president of the Belgian producers' association U.P.F.F. from 1988-91, Lamy has directed such films as Home Sweet Home (1972), Jambon d'Ardenne (1977), "Go!"(1981/82) and Wild Games (Combat de Fauves, 1996).
Category Feature
Director Benoit Lamy
Screenplay Benoit Lamy, Gabrielle Borile
Cinematography Charlie Van Damme
Denise Vindevogel
Papa Wemba
Cast Ute Lemper, Richard Bohringer
Producers Benoit Lamy, Jacqueline Pierreux
Production Company Lamy Films/Brussels, in co-production with Integral Film/Berlin, HTBF, Bruessel, Galate Films, Paris
Length 100 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo

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