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Celebration of Flight: The Dream of a Pilot

Celebration of Flight: The Dream of a Pilot
Scene from "Celebration of Flight" (photo © Lombardo Films)

Celebration of Flight is about a very rare sort of adventurer you are unlikely to find today.

A film about a pilot who flew sheiks and kings like Haille Selassie or the king of Yemen. A film about the oldest dream of mankind and the only remaining dream of an old man: at the age of 78, Daniel Rundstroem wants to build his own plane in the middle of the tropical forest, on Dominica, an island paradise in the Caribbean.

And about a unique friendship between a 78-year-old Swede and a 16-year-old native boy from the Caribbean Sea. They share one desire for which they are willing to sacrifice everything: to develop and build their very own aircraft.

With it, they are planning to take part in one of the world’s biggest air shows for airplane designers in Florida and win a prize. Their only goal is success.

For the boy, it is the beginning of all his dreams. For the old man, it is his very last dream. And it's the legacy of a father-and-son relationship. However for Daniel it is not only the building of an airplane. It is much more: a review of his life, the reunion with his lost son and the memories of his past adventures...
Genre Adventure, Biopic
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2006
Director Lara Juliette Sanders
Screenplay Lara Juliette Sanders
Cinematography Ralf Leistl, Michael Boxrucker
Klaus Schaefer, Jean-Claude Piroué
Gary Marlowe
Producer Lara Juliette Sanders
Production Company Lombardo Films/Munich
Runtime 78 min
Format color
Sound Technology Stereo
German Distributor Lombardo Films/Munich

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Siegesstrasse 23
80802 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-21 66 76 36
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