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Scene from "Interdom" (photo © Nasir Al-Jezairi)

In the past 70 years, Interdom, an elite boarding school in the former Soviet Union, educated children from all five continents in the Communist ideology. They were children from conflict areas or children of political leaders.

They all have one experience in common: the collapse of Communism has altered the direction of their predetermined fates. After 14 years they meet again in Russia for the school’s 70th anniversary.

Nasir Al-Jezairi was born in 1971 in Iraq. In 1979 his family escaped Saddam Hussein to Lebanon, but the war in Beirut in 1981 forced his parents to send him to a boarding school in the Soviet Union. In 1989 Gorbatchov’s Perestroika put an end to his time there. Since then, he has been living, studying and working in Munich, London and Berlin. Interdom (2006) is his first independent film after working on various TV and film productions.
Genre History
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2006
Director Nasir Al-Jezairi
Screenplay Nasir Al-Jezairi, Katrin Milhahn
Cinematography Ingo Witte
Nasir Al-Jezairi
Producer Nasir Al-Jezairi
Production Company Indivision/Berlin
Length 45 min
Format color, b&w
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, German
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Nyon 2007

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