Film Info: In Memoriam Imre Gyoengyoessy

In Memoriam Imre Gyoengyoessy

In Memoriam Imre Gyoengyoessy

The film is an homage for the director and poet Imre Gyoengyoessy. His life, his artistic and human credo is portrayed by moving pictures, excerpts from his films, poems and memoirs. The poetic, surrealistic film sequences bring across his commitment and his message about life and death, about fundamental moral values. The portrait mindfully and sympathetically offers a closer look into the inner world and artistic studio of this director. It shows the roots and origins of his life's work: a profound affiliation with myth and folk art that characterises his style. Imre Gyoengyoessy's destiny and works also reflect the historical contradictions and dramatic events of the last 50 years. Despite arduous years as a political prisoner in Stalinist prisons and experiences with the homeless and with refugees, he never lost his hope and belief in humanity. He has left behind a many-faceted legacy: the belief in the power of love, the hope for tomorrow and the inner human energy, the peculiarly human ability that people have of breaking out of their own dimensions and living beyond their own existence.

Barna Kabay was born in Budapest and graduated in Direction at the Academy of Theater and Film in 1973. He began working with Imre Gyoengyoessy as co-writer from the early 70s and they co-directed their films from 1977. They moved to Germany in 1980 with Gyoengyoessy's wife Katalin Petényi.

Katalin Petényi Katalin Petényi was born in Budapest in 1941. She was a professor of the Academy of Theater and Film and later became a permanent collaborator of her husband and Barna Kabay. Their films include Quite Ordinary Life (1977), The Revolt of Job (1982), Boat-People (1987), Exiled (1991), Death in Shallow Water (1993), Europe Is Far Away (1994), Exodus (1995), and In Memoriam Imre Gyoengyoessy (1996).
Genre Biopic
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1996
Directors Barna Kabay, Katalin Petényi
Screenplay Katalin Petényi
Cinematography Péter Jankura, János Kende, Sándor Sára, Gábor Szabó, László Z. Szalay, Ferene Szécscényi, Michael Teutsch
Márta Révész
Zoltán B. Biró, Zoltán Jeney, Glenn Morrow, Zoltán Peskó
Cast Hannelore Elsner, Hédi Temessy, Ferenc Zenthe, Maya Komarowska, Sándor Oszter, Mari Toeroecsik, Frantisek Velecky
Producer Barna Kabay
Production Company Satellit Film, Starnberg, in co-production with Europa 2000 Kft/Budapest
Length 84 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions German, English
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Venice 1997
With backing from MTV, MMA, Magyar Toerténelmi Filmalapitvány

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