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photo © Karsten Liske

The focus of IN BETWEEN is a pictorial view of the three major historical and religious sites Jerusalem, Rome and Istanbul. Three stories evolve between documentary images of the three cities.

The film tells the story of the escape of a Jewish bride through Jerusalem, takes part in the first encounter of a transsexual with her mother in Istanbul, and follows the sentimental dream of an old man’s love in Rome.

IN BETWEEN is a poetic narrative between Orient and Occident, between the identity of a man and a woman, between tradition and modernity, between dream and reality.

Using lyrical documentary images, the film draws a sensitive portrait of the three cities in the course of a day.

Karsten Liske began his film career in 2001 with the documentary ALEXANDERPLATZ 4 about the former socialist 'House of Teachers' at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. For his second film AUGNABLIK (2005) he worked with the Canadian dancer Luc Dunberry and the Icelandic choreographer Erna Omarsdottir, which was followed by the conceptual work HISTÓRIA in 2007, a collaboration with the Portuguese dancer Claudia de Serpa Soares. IN BETWEEN (2012) is his latest film.
Genre Art, Experimental, Drama
Category Docu-Fiction
Year of Production 2012
Director Karsten Liske
Cinematography Hans Rombach
Cast Achille Brugnini, Davide Camplani, Ayten Uncuoglu, Ayta Sözeri, Sigal Zouk
Producer Karsten Liske
Production Company Karsten Liske/Berlin, in co-production with Goethe-Institut/Munich, Sasha Waltz & Guests/Berlin, Seven Years Film/Berlin, Rombach und Partner/Berlin
Length 60 min
Format HD, Blu-ray, DigiBeta, DVD, color, 16:9
Original Version
 German, Italian, Turkish
Subtitled Version English

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