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Slight Changes in Temperature and Mind (SommerHundeSoehne)

Slight Changes in Temperature and Mind
Scene from "Slight Changes in Temperature and Mind" (photo © Lala Films/Friends Productions)

When mom still runs your life, when candy is your only pleasure, when you're old enough to get up and go but don't – only a miracle can save you. Or an outlaw, driven by the raw force of despair. Meet Frankie and Marc, mama's boy and devil, two oddballs with just about nothing in common except their refusal to grow up and face the world. Marc thinks he's killed someone and has to flee. So while Frankie's mother shops, Marc takes off in her camper, along with Frankie in it. Two men on the run, destination Tangiers, Morocco. On the endless highways, Frankie's fear gives way to hesitant trust. Through the cracks in Marc's tough-as-nails shell, Frankie sees a vulnerable core and a son in search of his father. Soon they're joined by Ilvy, an angelic blonde, a vision of freedom without ties. She gives herself to one, flirts with the other, disappears, re-appears, living one day at a time. Just like Frankie and Marc. Headed for Tangiers. One to find his father, the other to find ... himself? Each day of their journey is one day closer to their true destination, when they'll finally take their lives into their own hands...

In this sweetly screwy, touching road movie and debut feature by Cyril Tuschi, leads Fabian Busch (Learning to Lie) and Stipe Erceg (The Edukators) embark on a journey to find themselves and each other, their goals and their true feelings.
Genre Coming-of-Age Story, Road Movie
Category Feature
Year of Production 2004
Director Cyril Tuschi
Screenplay Ole Ortmann, Cyril Tuschi
Cinematography Peter Dörfler
Dirk Goehler, Andreas Wodraschke
Benjamin Biolay, Blackmail, Plaid, Tribalistas, Womble
René Römert
Cast Stipe Erceg, Fabian Busch, Lilja Loeffler, Daniela Ziegler, Martin Clausen, Heinrich Giskes, Helmut Ruehl, Fernando Rebollo, Hans Pawliczek
Producers Cyril Tuschi, Nicholas Conradt
Production Companies Lala Films/Berlin, Friends Production/Munich, BR
Runtime 96 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Hof 2004, Berlin 2005 (German Cinema), Warsaw 2005
Awards Grand Prix Nescafé Warsaw 2005
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

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