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Scene from SERGEANT PEPPER (photo © MTM/Constantin Film/Bavaria Film)

Felix’s parents are worried. He is six years old and instead of playing with other kids, he hides in a tiger costume all day, invites no one but a turtle to his birthday party, insists that his stuffed animals are talking to him and has not a single human friend to speak of – nor does he want one. But everything changes the day Sergeant Pepper enters Felix’s life. After discovering what seems to be a lost little dog hiding in the backyard, Felix soon learns that there is much more to this cute canine than meets the eye. Pepper has inherited a fortune from his old master, and he has a very special gift: he can talk to children who believe in miracles. Unfortunately, the master’s heirs would kill to get their hands on Pepper’s house and Pepper is in dire need of some human help. As Felix finds out what it’s like to have a real friend, he gets ready to face the world on its own terms, bravely teaming up with his big sister for an adventurous journey to save the life of his new pal.
Category Feature
Year of Production 2004
Director Sandra Nettelbeck
Screenplay Sandra Nettelbeck
Cinematography Michael Bertl
Carlos Domeque, Ewa J. Lind, Joerg Langkau
Guy Fletcher
Renate Schmaderer, Peter Schwab
Cast Peter Lohmeyer, Carolyn Prein, Michael Brandner, August Zirner, Oliver Broumis, Neal Thomas, Ulrich Thomsen, Barbara Auer, Johanna ter Steege
Producer Andreas Bareiss
Production Company MTM Medien & Television/Munich, in co-production with Constantin Film Produktion, Bavaria Film, Sgt. Pepper/London, Mikado Film/Milan
Runtime 98 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
Festivals Rio 2005, Sprockets Toronto 2011
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
German Distributor Constantin Film Verleih

World Sales
Bavaria Media International