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NOBLE COMMITTMENTS (photo © Kings&Queens Filmproduktion)

NOBLE COMMITTMENTS portrays three aristocratic single women, torn between traditional expectations and everyday life, between manor house and pre-fab high-rise buildings. Unable to live up to their parents expectations, they have to scale down their standards and re-orientate themselves. Within the nobility, the male family line is valid. To belong to noble society, they have to either marry a man with a title or lead a solitary life.

Countess Alexandra von Bredow lived a fast life of glittering feasts and balls. Currently she lives in a small apartment and earns her livelihood by assembling gemstone necklaces. At the age of 48, having suffered several setbacks and severe depression, she finally meets the love of her life.

Baroness Alexandra von Beaulieu-Marconnay, oboist and teacher, developed a very close relationship with her mother after her father died. After moving to another town, her noble connections benefit her while settling in. But she is incapable of stepping out of a mighty line of ancestors in order to lead her own life.

Verena von Zerboni di Sposetti received an elitist education in a girls’ boarding school, followed by law studies. After working as a solicitor for more than two years, she resigned from her profession. The career change had devastating effects on her social life.

A film depicting three outsiders in the bizarre and eccentric microcosm of German nobility.
Genre Tragicomedy
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2008
Director Julia von Heinz
Screenplay John Quester, Julia von Heinz
Cinematography Marcus Winterbauer
Frank Brummundt
Matthias Petsche
Producers Julia von Heinz, John Quester
Production Company Kings & Queens Filmproduktion, in co-production with SWR, in cooperation with BR
Runtime 87 min
Format color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 2008
Awards Bavarian Television Award 2008

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