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Mutti - The Movie (Mutti - Der Film)

Mutti - The Movie
Ades Zabel as "Mutti" (photo © Joern Hartmann)

Mutti is back! After the success of the scandalous five-part underground-video-series Alle lieben Mutti, it was only a question of time until Mom and her always neglected daughter Biggi would have to go through a full-length feature adventure. In Mutti - The Movie, they are pulled into a frantic mixture of The X Files, The Silence of the Lambs, and The Cosby Show - an action comedy close to madness.

On her way home, little Biggi buys herself a bag of treats in a candy store, filled with many dainties. And an ear. But this ear is not made of candy as Biggi soon discovers - it is able to read people's thoughts. What the girl doesn't know is that she only got the ear by mistake. A mysterious woman, all dressed in black, should have received the ear - and now she wants to have it! But so does a weird, fat man.

Excited, Biggi tells Mom about her sensational discovery, but Mom has something else on her mind: the plumber. Blinded by the thunderstorm of her raging hormones, Mom doesn't realize the danger she's in when, instead of the plumber, the fat man arrives and pretends to be his replacement. Confused by Mom's sensual advances and unable to find the ear, he kidnaps Biggi. Mom uses the opportunity to have a fun night out on the town with her neighbor Mrs. Budweiser looking for quick sex and hard booze...
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2003
Directors Biggy van Blond, Joern Hartmann, Klaus Purkart, Ades Zabel
Screenplay Joern Hartmann, Klaus Purkart, Biggy van Blond, Ades Zabel
Cinematography Joern Hartmann
Joern Hartmann
Thomas Meyer, Erlandas
Klaus Purkart
Cast Ades Zabel, Brenda Morelli, Gert Thumser, Biggy van Blond, Ulrike Folkerts, Meret Becker
Producers Ades Zabel, Joern Hartmann
Production Company Hartmann & Zabel, Berlin
Runtime 88 min
Format color
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Berlin 2003 (Panorama)
German Distributor GMfilms/Berlin

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