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Measure of Things, The (Mass der Dinge, Das)

Measure of Things, The
Scene from "The Measure of Things" (photo © Thomas Moeller)

Don, a young chef is addicted to his job. His holy grail is to perfect his speciality "La Zoupa", the mere taste of which can move people to tears. One day his boss Santano injures himself and Don has to take charge of the kitchen. When a restaurant-critic appears, the young chef is given the chance of a lifetime. The only problem is that he had promised to cook a special birthday meal for his girlfriend that night. Will he be able to run the kitchen, impress the critic and keep his girlfriend happy? A film about art, love and the best soup in the world.
Genre Comedy
Category Short
Year of Production 2005
Director Sven Bohse
Screenplay Sven Bohse
Cinematography Michael Schreitel
Sven Bohse
Tim Nowak
Silke Willrett, Mark Weeger
Cast Antonio Wannek, Mario Ramos, Elisa Seydel, Saskia Fischer
Producers Gian-Piero Ringel, Felix Eisele
Production Company dogpool pictures/Berlin, in co-production with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Liberté Film/Ludwigsburg
Runtime 36 min
Format Super 16, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 2005, Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken 2006, Triest 2006 (In Competition), Corto in Bra 2006, Sehsuechte Potsdam 2006, IFFS Tel Aviv 2006, Lubuski Lato Filmowe 2006, Munich 2006, Rhode Island 2006, Karlskaserne Open Air 2006, Luechow Open Shorts 2006, Sleepwalkers Tallinn 2006, Cork 2006, IFFS Belgrade 2006, Skena Up Pristina 2006, Sao Paulo 2006, Barcelona 2006, Regensburg 2006
Awards Audience Award Triest 2006, Best Editing & Audience Award Belgrade 2006

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