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Liberation from Rosenstrasse, The (Befreiung aus der Rosenstrasse)

Liberation from Rosenstrasse, The

The liberation from Rosenstrasse Berlin, February 1943: The Jewish partners of Jewish-"Aryan" intermarriages, the so-called Mischehe, are taken from the factories, where they are doing forced labor. They are supposed to be deported to extermination camps. Their Aryan spouses spontaneously find themselves together in front of the provisional collection point, in the Jewish Communuity Center in the Rosenstrasse. With their public, non-violent protest, in the middle of Berlin, which lasted for days, they succeeded in accomplishing the release of hundreds of prisoners.

This film about an event which until now, has not been a part of general knowledge of the Nazi era, is most importantly a film about memories: the series of events, and how the people involved view these events after 50 years, from the heart of these accounts, which are told from different perspectives. The film brings them together in an imaginary dialog about common memories in which the tension of these days once again comes to life.

This is a film about completely "normal" people, their despair, courage, cunning and how they stood up for their beliefs.
Genre Educational, History, Biopic
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1994
Director Michael Muschner
Screenplay Michael Muschner, Christiane Neumann
Cinematography Reiner Jonas
Brigitte Kirsche
Production Company Tigermedia/Berlin
Runtime 82 min
Format 16 mm, color
Dubbed Versions English, French
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Berlin 1994 (Forum)
German Distributor Tigermedia/Berlin

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