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Berlin. The last unrenovated building in a trendy neighborhood is being vacated. The former tenants are moving out, but Dietmar (67) refuses to budge. His son Tobias (34) tries to convince him to move into social housing. However, his father resists – he will not leave his beloved apartment which has been his home for 40 years. The situation between Tobias, his father, and the building’s realtor, who seems to be there by chance, escalates and gets completely out of hand.

When the young police officer Shirin suddenly appears in the doorway, Tobias must decide whether he will really take a stand for something for the first time in his life and follow through with it. But is that all there is to it? What was the father really planning? It quickly becomes clear that the truth is much more complicated, and that many things are not quite what they seem in this chamber play full of twists and turns …

A Berlin thriller about the highly topical issue of gentrification – gripping and tragic right until the surprising end.
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2018
Director Gregor Erler
Screenplay Gregor Erler, Benjamin Karalic
Cinematography Moritz Reinecke
Cast Matthias Ziesing, Pegah Ferydoni, Moritz Heidelbach, Wolfgang Packhäuser
Producers Gregor Erler, Matthias Ziesing, Christopher Cornelsen
Co-Producer Marko Massinger
Production Companies Film13, Koenigsgarten, Cornelsen Films, in co-production with Luftschloss Filmproduktion
Runtime 97 min
Format DCP, cs
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Hof 2018, Manchester 2019, Accolade Global FF 2019, IndieFEST Film Awards 2019, Around IFF 2019, Action On Film IFF 2019, London Independent Film Awards 2019, FICOCC Five Continents IFF 2019, Genrenale 2019, Neisse FF 2019, Heartland IFF 2019, Kerala 2019
Awards Best Feature Film & Best Foreign Feature Film Manchester 2019, Special Mention Accolade Global IFF 2019, Best of Show IndieFEST 2019, Best Production Design & Special Mention: Best Cinematography FICOCC 2019, Best Foreign Feature London Independent Film Awards 2019
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