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Ketchup in Tuva - A Transsiberian Treasure Hunt

Ketchup in Tuva - A Transsiberian Treasure Hunt
Scene from "Ketchup in Tuva" (photo © Eicke Schmitz 1994)

“Few people can realize their dreams. But if you can’t get so far as even to dream, you’re never going to realize a dream, any dream, let alone your own dream.”

In the year 1994 Jeremy Pine, an American art dealer with an extravagant sense of romance and adventure, decides to realize his long cherished dream: to go on a treasure hunt in the heart of Asia – the land of the mythical Shambala. A few years before, the Iron Curtain had fallen. Now everything seems possible. Jeremy sponsors an expedition to Tuva with a group of Russian archaeologists to search for Scythian gold and the grave of Genghis Khan.

Ketchup in Tuva is a road movie with astonishing characters and enchanting landscapes. This is the true story of an impossible journey.
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Road Movie
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2009
Director Eike Schmitz
Screenplay Eike Schmitz
Cinematography Lars Barthel
Vincent Assmann, Mathieu Honore
Cast Jeremy Pine, Elena Tsareva, Vladimir Semjonov, Alexander Sevseev
Producer Eike Schmitz
Production Company Atlantis-Film/Berlin
Runtime 81 min
Format color
Subtitled Versions German, French
Sound Technology Stereo

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