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Lukas Rinker‘s debut feature produced by Neopol Film opens with architect Frank (Thomas Niehaus) regaining consciousness in a locked portaloo – known in German vernacular by the “Dixi“ brand name – on a building site where a detonation is being prepared. As he desperately tries to find ways of escaping this „prison“ before potentially being blown to smithereens, he realizes who has put him into this predicament: none other than the corrupt and lecherous mayor Horst (Gedeon Burkhard) who also has designs on Frank‘s pregnant girlfriend Marie (Olga von Luckwald). Now Frank has to do everything in his power to get out alive, save his Marie and expose Horst‘s delusional crimes...
Genre Comedy, Thriller

Director Lukas Rinker
Screenplay Lukas Rinker
Cast Uke Bosse, Björn Meyer, Thomas Niehaus, Olga von Luckwald, Gedeon Burkhard, Friederike Kempter, Rodney Charles
Producers Jakob Zapf, Tonio Kellner
Co-Producer Thore Vollert
Production Company Neopol Film, in co-production with Studio Hamburg Enterprises

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