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Else (Else - Geschichte einer leidenschaftlichen Frau)


Based on the novel You Are Not Like Other Mothers by Angelika Schrobsdorff, the two-parter Else charts the eventful life of the Jewish woman Else Kirschner. In love with life and bubbling with charm, she is singleminded in her resolve to have a child from every man she loves. Three children from two husbands and a lover is the tally of her loves and passions at the end of the 30s before she comes to know the dark side of life with the beginnings of the persecution of Jews.
Genre Drama

Year of Production 1999
Director Egon Guenther
Screenplay Egon Guenther
Cinematography Peter Brand
Karen Fisher
Johannes Brahms
Cast Katja Riemann, Heio von Stetten, Jürgen Holtz, Rita Russek
Producer Bernd Grote
Production Company Tellux-Film/Munich, in co-production with BR
Runtime 176 min
Format Super 16, color
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Munich 1999
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

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Laplacestr. 12
81679 Munich/Germany
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