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Georg Kempter is a gardener in a small Bavarian town, working day-in, day-out in his nursery, which is facing bankruptcy. He doesn't like to talk much. He never has. His marriage has long lost all its magic and on top of that, he has trouble connecting with his daughter. Only when he is flying in his own rickety biplane does Georg feel truly free.

When the owner of the local golf course tries to rip him off his pay because the shade of green of the grass Georg has planted there is not “as green as it gets”, Georg snaps. Just when his airplane is about to be impounded, he grabs the control stick and flies away in an attempt to save his plane and himself.

He embarks on a journey into the unknown, to places he has never seen before, full of odd and special encounters – and with every take-off and every landing, this tough man’s heart slowly warms up to what you might call an idea of happiness...
Genre Comedy, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2018
Director Florian Gallenberger
Screenplay Gernot Gricksch, Florian Gallenberger
Cinematography Daniela Knapp
Cast Elmar Wepper, Emma Bading, Monika Baumgartner, Dagmar Manzel, Ulrich Tukur, Sunnyi Melles
Producers Benjamin Herrmann, Luca Verhoeven, Christian Hofer
Production Companies Majestic Filmproduktion, new!move films, Degeto Film, WS Filmproduktion
Runtime 115 min
Format color, cs
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Shanghai 2018 (International Competition), Cleveland 2019
German Distributor Majestic Filmverleih

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