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(Bis aufs Blut - Brüder auf Bewaehrung)

Scene from "Bis aufs Blut" (photo © CP BaB Productions GmbH & Co. KG)

Tommy and Sule (both 19) are like brothers: a bullet-proof friendship. Their posse is their family, they live life like there’s no tomorrow and dream of their own tuning shop - until Tommy gets caught with some dope they were going to sell. His six months in juvenile prison, with cell mates who relentlessly torment him, prove to be a living hell.

Since he is still on probation when he gets out, Tommy has sworn off the drugs. He knows that someone snitched on him, and he is going to find out who put him in jail. When the going gets tough, though, the only support he finds is from Sule and his old friends. And Sule has the master plan: one last drug deal to finance their tuning shop!
Genre Music, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2010
Director Oliver Kienle
Screenplay Oliver Kienle
Cinematography Moritz Reinecke
Patrick Eppler
Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek
Kobita Syed
Cast Peter Lohmeyer, Simone Thomalla, Liv Lisa Fries, Aylin Tezel, Balder Beyer, Manuellsen, Burak Yigit, Jacob Matschenz
Producers Ralf Hartmann, Petra Opett
Production Company CP BaB Productions/Ludwigsburg, in co-production with SWR, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Runtime 109 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Max Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken 2010 (In Competition)
Awards Thomas Strittmatter Prize 2009, Audience Award & Student Jury Award Saarbruecken 2010, Studio Hamburg Award 2010 (Best Direction), First Steps Award 2010 (Best Feature), Bavarian Film Prize 2010 (Best Up-and-Coming Actors Jacob Matschenz & Burak Yigit)

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