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photo © X Filme Creative Pool GmbH & Müggelfilm Haußmann Regener GbR

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2012

You probably couldn’t get anything more different than this autumn’s highly anticipated CLOUD ATLAS, but that film’s producer Stefan Arndt is looking to shake the German film world up again in 2013 with the low-budget comedy HAI-ALARM AM MÜGGELSEE co-directed by Leander Haußmann and Sven Regener.

“We had a serious look at what is being produced in Germany, how cinema will develop in the future and what people want to see,” Arndt explains. “In difficult times with the Euro crisis, people want to be entertained, but we came to a rather depressing analysis when we looked at the German comedies being made! We think that what we laugh at could also be funny for other people and I believe this kind of humor could also function abroad.”

“As with CLOUD ATLAS, the idea behind HAI-ALARM is to make a film for people where they don’t have to hand their brain in when they buy a cinema ticket,” he continues. “I am quite amazed at what we have achieved with what was originally planned as just a little, dirty film.”

Haußmann and Regener had previously worked together on the film adaptation of Regener’s 2001 novel Herr Lehmann. In the new collaboration, the directorial duo co-wrote the screenplay, served as co-producers and wrote the film score as well as appearing on screen in roles as diverse as guitar-plucking policemen, punk rockers, and municipal divers.

The Müggelsee lake east of Berlin is the setting for the zany story which is triggered by body parts floating in the lake: was it a shark or just an overly large carp? What’s the best way to deal with this crisis – carry on as before, slap a ban on swimming in the lake, or declare a shark alarm?! Luckily, the legendary shark hunter Snake Müller (played by Haußmann 'regular' Uwe Dag Berlin) is back in town and on his way to save the day....

Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Directors Leander Haußmann, Sven Regener
Screenplay Leander Haußmann, Sven Regener
Cinematography Jana Marsik
Cast Uwe-Dag Berlin, Michael Gwisdek, Henry Hübchen, Anna-Maria Hirsch, Annika Kuhl, Detlev Buck, Tom Schilling
Producer Stefan Arndt
Co-Producers Leander Haußmann, Sven Regener, Charlotte Goltermann, Tina Funk
Production Company X Filme Creative Pool, in co-production with Müggelfilm Haußmann Regener/Berlin
Shooting Dates August-September 2012
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds

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