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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2012

Steffen Zacke, a student at the Munich University of Television & Film, has taken Susanne Straßer’s illustrated children's book from 2010 as the inspiration for his fiction feature debut – DAS MÄRCHEN VON DER PRINZESSIN, DIE UNBEDINGT IN EINEM MÄRCHEN VORKOMMEN WOLLTE (“The Tale of a Princess Who Wanted to Be in a Fairy Tale”) – which is being produced by Munich-based Florian Reimann of FR Entertainment.

Princess Clara lives in a very small kingdom, but, unlike what we know from fairytales, she is neither well-behaved, nor elegant – much to the despair of her father, the King. And she doesn't have any friends except for the court jester Michel. But then Clara has a bold idea: if she was to do everything that princesses always do in the Grimms’ Fairytales, then she’s sure to not only become famous, but everyone will like her and be proud of her. At least, that’s how her plan is supposed to turn out. However, one catastrophe follows the next. The royal family is definitely not amused. But, just when everything seems to be lost, she meets Prince Ermelin...

Princess Clara is played by Hanna Merki who gained her acting spurs on the stage of Munich’s Kammerspiele theater before appearing in her first TV film DAS DUNKLE NEST opposite Christian Berkel in 2010, while the role of court jester Michel has been taken by Michael Kranz whose recent credits include WAR HORSE and THE WHITE RIBBON.

“Princess Clara is in a dilemma, torn between other people’s expectations and her own desires and ideas,” Zacke explains. “While she tries eagerly to please, above all, the adults and, in the first instance, her father, the need grows within her to find her path in life. And so she gets into more and more conflicts with her father and an overwhelming role model, her big sister. Consequently, it’s a subject that doesn’t only concern princesses, but reaches out to every child."

The film will be released in Germany in spring 2013 on around 150 prints by Summiteer Films, the distribution outfit launched by Reimann and Kinopolis’ marketing director Kurt Schalk in January 2011.

Genre Children & Youth, Family Entertainment
Category Feature
Director Steffen Zacke
Screenplay Steffen Zacke
Cinematography Kaspar Kaven
Cast Hanna Merki, Michael Kranz, Ferdinand Schmidt-Modrow, Stefan Murr, Pascal Andres, Klaus Stiglmeier
Producer Florian Reimann
Production Company FR Entertainment, in co-production with BR, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München
Shooting Dates June-July 2012
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds, BLS Südtirol-Alto Adige
German Distributor Summiteer Films/Munich

Summiteer Films