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3° Colder (new director's cut) (3° Kaelter)

3° Colder    (new director's cut)
Scene from "3° Colder" (photo © blues eyes fiction)

A day which is different from any other – a thunderstorm in the middle of winter: Steini moves in with his girlfriend Jenny; Olli dates Babette for the first time; and Marie, happily married to Frank, remembers Jan, who vanished from her life so unexpectedly five years ago. The following night Marie writes a letter to her old love Jan. But like in all these past years she cannot find the right words, and so she throws the letter away. When Frank discovers the letter in the rubbish bin, he is deeply moved by Marie’s confession that she still loves Jan. Frank decides to send the letter to Jan without her knowledge. When Jan suddenly returns, Frank and Marie are not the only ones confronted with a challenging period in their relationship. Everyone in this circle of friends is in some way forced to contemplate the question, what is more important: to love or to be loved?
Genre Drama, Love Story / Romance
Category Feature
Year of Production 2005
Director Florian Hoffmeister
Screenplay Mona Kino, Florian Hoffmeister
Cinematography Busso von Mueller
Susanne Hartmann
Adrian Corker, Paul Conboy
Mona Kino
Cast Bibiana Beglau, Sebastian Blomberg, Johann von Bülow, Alexander Beyer, Meret Becker, Brigitte Zeh, Florian David Fitz, Katharina Schüttler
Producers Corinna Mehner, Martin Husmann, Martin Cichy, Karsten Aurich
Production Companies blue eyes Fiction, Sabotage Films/Berlin, in co-production with BR
Runtime 103 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Locarno 2005 (In Competition), Goteborg 2006, Shanghai 2006, Molodist Kiev 2006, Kolkata 2006
Awards Silver Leopard Locarno 2005
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film

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