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On the edge of the world, at an altitude of 4,000 meters on the banks of Lake Titicaca, lies the small Bolivian village of Copacabana. Here 14-year-old Alfonsina lives with her mother Rosa and her grandmother Elena. Together with her best friend Tere, Alfonsina has vowed to leave this boring place in order to see the world. But until the girls are ready to do so, they collect picture postcards from countries all over the globe. A student from Munich and a businessman from La Paz turn up in Copacabana. Little do any of them know, but for Elena, Rosa, and Alfonsina this marks the beginning of their final days together.

Birds unable to fly, a god of good luck who smokes cigarettes, statuettes of saints standing on their heads, dumplings left uneaten, a magnificent landscape in which people get lost and then discover themselves, a hotel about to be built: all elements of a moving story about yearnings, disappointments, betrayals – but also about dignity, human warmth and a great love which ultimately transcends time and space.
Genre Love Story / Romance
Category Feature
Year of Production 2009
Director Thomas Kronthaler
Screenplay Stefanie Kremser
Cinematography Christof Oefelein
Melanie Werwie
Martin Unterberger
Marta Mendez, Carsten Lippstock
Cast Friedrich Mücke, Camila Guzmán, Florian Brückner, Luis Bredow, Salvador del Solar, Rosa Ríos, Carla Oritz, Agar Delos, Júlia Hernandez Fortunato, Teresa Gutiérrez
Producers Alena Rimbach, Herbert Rimbach
Co-Producer Paolo Agazzi
Production Company AVISTA Film/Munich, in co-production with BR, Pegaso Producciones/La Paz
Runtime 96 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Versions German, English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Shanghai 2010
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds, BKM
German Distributor Movienet Film/Munich

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