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Who is the monster - you or me? (Wer ist das Monster - du oder ich?)

Who is the monster - you or me?

Niki de Saint-Phalle, the French-American artist, talks about her life, her work and her collaboration with her Swiss husband, Jean Tinguely, famous for his kinetic art: "I invent machines which aren't useful at all." The film begins with Niki's "shooting paintings" of the early 60's: "instead of becoming a terrorist, I became a terrorist in art". It follows her work on the voluptuous colorful NANA figures and the giant architectural sculptures. The construction and the opening ceremony of the enormous sculpure garden in Tuscany, wherein the artist optically depicts the 22 main Tarot Cards, are the bookends for this film. Highlights are clippings from Niki's own experimental films: Daddy and A Dream - Longer Than The Night with various grotesque performances by her and her husband, Jean.
Category Documentary
Director Peter Schamoni
Screenplay Peter Schamoni
Cinematography Michael Bartlett, Ernst Hirsch, Rodger Hinrichs
Thomas Krattenmacher
Satio, Glass, Moondog
Cast Niki de Saint Phalle
Producer Peter Schamoni
Production Companies Schamoni Film & Medien GmbH , Praesens-Film/Zurich
Runtime 92 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby A
Sound Technology Dolby A, Stereo
Festivals Locarno 95, Mill Valley 95
With backing from BMI, LfA-Bayern
German Distributor MFA Film, Munich

World Sales
Schamoni Film & Medien GmbH
Konrad Hirsch
Mauerkircherstrasse 184
81925 Munchen/Germany
phone +49-89-98 84 15
fax +49-89-98 84 19