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Whipping Boy, The (Prinz, Der)

Whipping Boy, The

A little European kingdom somewhen in the 18th century: two boys are on the run from robbers and soldiers. Tommi comes from the poor district. Since the death of his parents, he has been catching and selling rats to help feed himself and his little sister. He is not at all happy that just when they can finally afford to have a roof over their head, he is taken off to the royal court because a new whipping boy is needed for prince Boris. And when he learns that his sister has been put in prison for a burglary that she didn't commit, he runs away to try and set her free. Tommi can't stop Boris coming along. Boris is the prince for whose pranks he was being beaten; a spoilt, arrogant and precocious brat, who enjoys seeing another boy being punished in his place. To spank a royal bottom is considered inadmissible at court. However, this etiquette hasn't finally prevented his father, the king, from threatening his son with a personal punishment if he goes and misbehaves once more. Then Boris also decides to run away without having any idea of the surprises the world has in store for him outside the castle walls ...

Director Syd Macartney
Screenplay Sid Fleischman
Cinematography Clive Tickner
Sean Barton
Lee Holdridge
Cast G. C. Scott, Mathilda May, Vincent Schiavelli, Kevin Conway, Nic Knight, Truan Munro
Producer Gerhard Schmidt
Production Companies Gemini Film/Cologne, Jones Entertainment/Los Angeles
Runtime 97 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German
Sound Technology Optical
Festivals Gold Medal Giffoni Filmfestival 94, Italy
German Distributor Central Film Vertrieb/Berlin

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