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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors
Scene from "Weekend Warriors" (photo © Matthias Grunsky)

American football is not only played in the US but also in Germany. Four young amateur football players from Berlin are the main focus of the film. For them this all-American sport is more than just a hobby and more than just a game. Football gives them guidance in life and a boost to their masculine ego. Weekend Warriors portraits Herbie – the mama’s boy, Tilo – the show-off, Johnny – the young and confused, and Thomas – the thinker, during one football season with the “Berlin Adler”. The film explores in a humorous way how personal goals, moral values and rituals from the football fields are applied to real life and vice versa.

A sports film at its finest, capturing what it means for a man to be a winner - not only in sports but also in life.
Genre Society, Sports
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2005
Director Alexa Oona Schulz
Screenplay Alexa Oona Schulz
Cinematography Dirk Heuer
Jenny Allmendinger
Robert F. Trucios
Cast Sascha (Herbie) Herberg, Tilo Hoelscher, Thomas Jonietz, Johnny Schmuck, Petrus Penkki, Kent Anderson, Shuan Fatah
Producer Alexa Oona Schulz
Production Company blue moon film/Berlin
Runtime 93 min
Format color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Big Sky Montana 2006 (In Competition), Sport Movies & TV Festival Mumbai 2006 (In Competition), Grenzland Filmtage Selb 2006, FICTS Sport Movies & TV Milan 2006 (In Competition), Frankfurt 2006
Awards Silver TEN Award Mumbai 2006, Promotion Award of the Thuringia State Chancellery 2006
German Distributor blue moon film/Berlin

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