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Warshots (What's the big difference between a Leica and a Kalashnikov?)


Civil war in North Africa. The United Nations sends troops. The international press sends reporters. Just another consignment for Jan Loy and Maynard Wilhelm. They know their colleagues from the last job in Sarajevo, Grozny, or some other corner of the world which looked different when they left, to what they saw when they came. Jan Loy is one of their stars. A photo-grapher. Weighed down with awards. Renowed for his ruthlessly perfect "eye". He stalks violence and finds it. He tames it in his pictures and it makes him famous. But it gets him in the end.
Category Feature
Director Heiner Stadler
Screenplay Heiner Stadler, Harald Goeckeritz
Cinematography Yusef Hu
Micki Joanni
Roman Bunka
Cast Peter Franke, Herbert Knaup, Özay Fecht, Hassan Farhat
Producer Heiner Stadler
Production Company Heiner Stadler Film, Munich, in co-production with ARTE, WDR, BR, SDR/Stuttgart
Runtime 93 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Versions German, English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Sound Technology Dolby SR, Dolby Stereo
Festivals Muenchen 96, Venice 96: Finestra sulle immagini, Toronto 96

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