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Waiting Means Death (Warten ist der Tod)

Waiting Means Death

When they raced through the sky in their jets, they were heroes. Until the day came when they were too old and had to to give up flying. Now the three comrades - Juergen Venske, Max Gloeckler and Klaus Kellermann - are trying to make their way in everyday professions, but they are finding it difficult. They want to feel on top one more time, and plan the coup of their lives. They intend to steal the cash box full of entry money during an air show. But they need a specialist to be able to get through the security doors, and Hans Peter Laux is recommended to them. The three friends do not like him, but they need his skills.
When Laux demands his share after the successful robbery, Venske, Gloeckler and Kellermann refuse. They had agreed to wait six months before distributing the money. Laux thinks this is a trick. He needs the money urgently and sees this as a betrayal which can only be answered with terror. A game of cat and mouse begins, rapidly becoming a matter of life and death.
two episodes, each 90 minutes
Category Feature
Director Hartmut Schoen
Screenplay Hartmut Schoen
Cinematography Peter Doettling
Vessela Martschewski
Matthias Frey
Cast Ulrich Tukur, Henry Hübchen, Joerg Schuettauf, Barbara Auer, Thomas Thieme, Isabell Gerschke, Helen Vita
Producer Dagmar Rosenbauer
Production Company Multimedia/Berlin
Runtime 180 min
Format DigiBeta PAL, color
Sound Technology Stereo

World Sales
ZDF Studios GmbH
Erich-Dombrowski-Strasse 1
55127 Mainz/Germany