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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 01/2016

Self-taught filmmaker Tarek Ehlail turns to a dystopian vision set in a near future for his third feature film VOLT after his first two productions CHAOSTAGE and GEGENGERADE. The film's story centers on the policeman Volt who kills a French insurgent in a transit zone. His deed remains unpunished, but Volt's feeling of guilt increasingly drives him into his victim's world in a ghetto full of despair and anger. By day a policeman, Volt switches over to the other side at night and witnesses how his deed has triggered an ever deepening spiral of unrest - and comes to realize that he can never be forgiven for his actions.
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Psycho Thriller
Category Feature
Director Tarek Ehlail
Screenplay Tarek Ehlail
Cinematography Mathias Prause
Cast Benno Fürmann, Sascha Geršak, Ayo, Denis Moschitto, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Anna Bederke, Tony Harrisson Mpoudja, Surho Sugaipov, Stipe Erceg, André M. Hennicke
Producers Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo
Production Company augenschein Filmproduktion, in co-production with Les Films D'Antoine
Shooting Dates November-December 2015
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Saarland Medien
German Distributor Farbfilm Verleih

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