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Senta Berger, Michael Verhoeven

The history of a family, in the film business now for three generations, behind and in front of the camera. The film is not only a foray through the history of this remarkable family, but also through the history of German film and contemporary history as well. Beginning with Paul Verhoeven, the great German director of the 30s, to his son Michael Verhoeven and his wife Senta Berger and their children, who are directors and actors as well, to Mario Adorf, who is himself also connected to the family by marriage.

All of the Verhoeven family have dedicated their lives to film or theater or both and were influenced by the respective spirit of the time.
Genre Biopic
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2003
Director Felix Moeller
Screenplay Felix Moeller
Cinematography Ludolph Weyer
Gisela Zick
Marco Hertenstein
Cast Luca Verhoeven, Simon Verhoeven, Mario Adorf, Senta Berger, Michael Verhoeven
Producer Francois Dupla
Production Company NEF Film/Munich, in co-production with Bel Air Media/Paris, BR, ARTE
Runtime 75 min
Format color
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Taormina 2004