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photo © TMG/Oliver Upton

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2013

For Elizabeth Lancaster, who, with her brother Richard, inherited the centuries-old, family-run Chipping Vale Cider Farm, this year’s glorious blossoms may be her last: she urgently needs a new heart. She is lovingly cared for by her husband Duncan and their twins, but had nearly given up hope when...

Top architect Andrew Shaw crashes his car, fatally injuring his wife: her heart will now beat on in Elizabeth. Richard, a gambler, had hoped to sell the farm to pay his debts. Elizabeth is aghast to learn that, through fraud and mismanagement, he has run it into the ground.

Andrew has lost all joy. His sister-in-law Janet devotes herself to his two young kids while secretly pining for him. Wishing to meet the recipient of his wife’s heart, he visits Elizabeth; discovering a kindred soul, the two fall in love. Duncan feels betrayed and moves out; Janet despises Elizabeth; the children are shocked; Richard seizes his moment. One night, an explosion rips through the cider compound.

Ignoring her chest pains, Elizabeth rushes out but can only watch helplessly the destruction of her life’s work. There is worse news, from her cardiologist: her body is rejecting her new heart. She refuses to tell her family, so as not to upset them. Encouraged by his children, Duncan tries to win her back.

Andrew quits his job, hoping to help Elizabeth rebuild. But even though they’ve once yielded to desire and made passionate love, Elizabeth still cannot decide; Duncan or Andrew? She also realizes Andrew’s sister-in-law Janet loves him, obsessively.

A greater danger to Elizabeth’s plans, and her life, is Richard, who has agreed to sell the property to a notorious developer. The man has also been known to set fire to buildings that hindered his plans. With Andrew’s help, Elizabeth unmasks Richard’s schemes and saves the farm. But she still has two men in her life who love her and whom she, too, loves.

Genre Drama, Love Story / Romance
Category Mini-Series
Director Giles Foster
Screenplay Matthew Thomas
Cinematography James Aspinall
Cast Carolina Vera, Greg Wise, Gedeon Burkhard, Jane Seymour, James Fox, Julian Sands, Tanja Wenzel, Ralf Bauer
Producers Herbert G. Kloiber, Rikolt von Gagern
Production Company Tele München Gruppe, in co-production with Gate Film/Munich, ZDF
Shooting Dates May-July 2013

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