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Croatia, 1993. Two snipers - a Croat and a Serb - wander aimlessly through the desolate countryside. When their paths unexpectedly cross, the enemies immediately try to shoot each other. The first 'click', however, is not coming from a gun barrel, but from the ground beneath them: the enemies stepped on a landmine at the same time. One foot in the grave, they are involuntarily bound together by common destiny - the death of one means the death of the other. But not just their apparent differences make it difficult for them to overcome their dilemma. Nature, too, offers some challenges to test the soldiers' solidarity and survival skills.
Genre Drama
Category Short
Year of Production 2012
Director Mickey Nedimovic
Screenplay Mickey Nedimovic
Cinematography Henner Besuch
Cast Stipe Erceg, Carlo Ljubek
Producer Dani Barsch
Production Company Filoufilm/Dresden, in cooperation with Zischlermann Filmproduktion/Berlin
Runtime 26 min
Format DCP, color, cs
Subtitled Versions English, German
Festivals Max-Ophüls-Preis Saarbrücken 2012, Filmfest Dresden 2012, Landshut 2012, Achtung Berlin 2012, Emden-Norderney 2012, Guanajuato 2012, Rhode Island 2012, Eberswalde 2012, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal 2012, Heartland Festival Indianapolis 2012, Biberach 2012, Interfilm Berlin 2012, Trieste 2013, Nashville 2013, Golden Apricot Yerevan 2013
Awards Best Short Film Saarbrücken 2012, Audience Award Dresden 2012, First Prize Best Short Rhode Island 2012
With backing from BKM, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Thüringer Staatskanzlei

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