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Philipp Worm, Philipp Leinemann, Tobias Walker (photo © Christian Stangassinger)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2012

On a grey, anonymous, housing estate, a SWAT team moves in. Highly trained professionals, this should be routine. But it turns out otherwise: an officer is shot and the perpetrator escapes.

For team leaders Kevin and Mendes, it’s a new highpoint in the ever increasing violence they have been facing in recent years. Worse, they have an ‘enemy’ within their own ranks: the interior ministry is planning to cut several units in cost-saving measures. This latest fiasco means Kevin, Mendes and their colleagues are now under special observation: perform or pack up!

Things then go from bad to worse when, during the investigation, two colleagues from Mendes’ unit are shot dead and a service weapon disappears.

It is the young Vladec who finds the missing weapon, by chance. Not only young, he’s a regular victim of the bigger boys in the neighborhood and a secret admirer of Thorsten, who enjoys a ‘mentor’ role amongst his friends. Vladec’s secret dream is to replace Thorsten’s best friend, Ioannis.

Vladec espies his opportunity and, stealing money from his father’s supermarket, pins the blame on Ioannis. The police investigating the robbery find the missing gun in Ioannis’ locker, hidden there by Vladec.

Mendes’ team pick up Ioannis before the official investigation has concluded. Panic stricken, he jumps into a river. The team, believing he’s drowned, hush it up. But then first doubts appear and whilst Mendes puts his unit’s survival above all else, Kevin is shocked at his recklessness. The cracks widen.

Meanwhile Thorsten’s clique is looking for their friend, suspecting a couple of rival youths are to blame. Just like the SEK unit, the clique begins to spin out of control. As mutual suspicions grow about who killed Ioannis, the estate threatens to explode. Just when Kevin discovers Ioannis is innocent the latter re-appears, and a race against time begins...

Genre Drama, Thriller
Category Feature
Director Philipp Leinemann
Screenplay Philipp Leinemann
Cinematography Christian Stangassinger
Cast Ronald Zehrfeld, Mišel Matičević, Tilman Strauß, Thomas Thieme, Bernhard Schütz, Frederick Lau
Producers Tobias Walker, Philipp Worm
Co-Producers Philipp Leinemann, Jörg Schneider, Anne Even, Andreas Schreitmüller
Production Company Walker+Worm Film, in co-production with ZDF, ARTE
Shooting Dates October-December 2012
With backing from Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds

Walker+Worm Film GmbH & Co. KG