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Time for Fishes, A (Zeit der Fische)

Time for Fishes, A
Scene from "A Time for Fishes" (photo © LUNA-Film GmbH)

19-year-old Robert lives with his mother Anna in Halle-Neustadt, once Eastern Germany. The economic boom hasn’t reached here, and so Anna is constantly looking for jobs for herself and her son. But Robert would rather be a musician or a revolutionary than lead an eventless life with a boring job in the derelict high-rise district.

At first glance, it seems that Jana, who is hiding with her older brother Clemens in an abandoned kindergarten, lives that unbound life which Robert desires. The two siblings ran away from a bourgeois hell, but now Jana has to look after Clemens. Meeting Robert seems to them more like a threat.

It is only after the brother and sister get into even greater trouble after a brawl with some other youths that they let Robert help them.

A tender love develops between Robert and Jana, but it becomes increasingly burdened by the demands of Robert’s mother and Jana’s brother.

In the hopes of leaving ‘HaNeu’ together, both try to free themselves from their dependent relationships. But it is hard to let go – and so catastrophe looms...

A formally uncompromising story about love and responsibility in an age of social disaffection.
Genre Drama, Love Story / Romance, Coming-of-Age Story
Category Feature
Year of Production 2007
Director Heiko Aufdermauer
Screenplay Dirk Laucke, Heiko Aufdermauer
Cinematography Gregor Schoenfelder
Christian Griebel
Matthias Petsche, Timm Voelker, 206
Nina Ball
Cast Christian Bluemel, Janusz Kocaj, Kim Schnitzer, Steffi Kühnert, Marie Gruber, Michael Wiesner, Jakob Bieber, Joachim Laetsch, Manfred Moeck, Klaus Raetsch
Producer Gudrun Ruzicková-Steiner
Production Company Luna-Film/Berlin, in co-production with Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, SWR, MDR
Runtime 85 min
Format Super 16
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Shanghai 2008
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

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