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Tears of Kali - The Dark Side of New Age (Tears of Kali)

Tears of Kali - The Dark Side of New Age
Scene from "Tears of Kali" (photo © Cut and Run Prod./Wolfgang Borrs)

At the end of the 70s, Poona in India was one of the harbors for those looking for inspiration. In the early 80s, several communes and self-experience groups were established. In their own ways they started to offer therapy what they considered the "sicknesses of the western world". One of those groups was the (in-)famous Taylor - Eriksson-group, which placed no boundaries or limitations on their experiments. Although no one knew exactly who Taylor and Eriksson were, where they came from and what they had in mind, they had a great following. There were strange rumors about this group, about extreme experiments and about the disappearance of some of its participants. At the end of 1983, the group suddenly disintegrated.

The eerie stories set around the Taylor-Eriksson-group and their members are told in three episodes - Shakti, Devi, Kali - embedded into a frame plot. This group tried to re-define the limits of self-exploration, sex and violence. Starting as a psychological cat-and-mouse-game, the story soon turns into pure terror.
Genre Fantasy, Horror, Psycho Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2004
Director Andreas Marschall
Screenplay Andreas Marschall
Cinematography Heiko Merten, Michael M. Schuff
John Panama, India Barthi
Tim Luna, Stefan Rohde
Cast Matthieu Carrière, Peter Martell, Adrian Topol, Cora Chilcott, Magdalena Fernandez Ritter, Anja Gebel, Michael Balaun, Marcel Trunsch, Vronie Kiefer, Irena-Heliana Jandris, Nuran Celik, Ulrich Lenk, Thomas Otto
Producers Heiner Thimm, Bernd Reichert, Sammy Balkas, Adrian Topol, Peter Domsch
Production Company Cut and Run Prod./Berlin, in co-production with Sterling Screen Entertainment/Munich, Studio Kitsune/Berlin, Mainland Media/Berlin, Lopta Film/Berlin, Reduta/Berlin, Anolis Entertainment/Haibach
Runtime 106 min
Dubbed Versions English, Italian
Subtitled Versions English, French, Italian, Spanish
Festivals Brussels Int. Fantastic Films 2004 (In Competition), Cinenygma Luxembourg 2004 (In Competition), Fantasy Intl. Amsterdam 2004 (In Competition), Horror Film Festival Manchester 2004 (Official Selection), Fantastik Film Sweden 2004, Leeds International 2004 (Official Selection), Nightmare Ravenna 2004 (In Competition), Edmonton Int. Filmfestival USA 2004 (Official Selection), Semana de Cine Fantástico San Sebastian 2004 (Official Selection), Screamfest LA 2004 (Official Selection), Fantasporto 2005, Cine Fantastico Malaga 2005 (In Competition), Buenos Aires 7th Int. Cine Independiente 2005, New York Independent 2005 (In Competition), Macabro Festival de Horror Mexico City 2005, Baja California Festival Tijuana 2005 (In Competition), Lille 2006, Pusan 2006
Awards Special Mention Brussels 2005, Silver Meliés Luxembourg 2004, L'Anello d'Oro Ravenna 2004, Genre Award New York 2005, Best Art Direction & Best Editing Tijuana 2005
German Distributor e-m-s new media/Dortmund

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