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photo courtesy of Komplizen Film

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 04/2012

Benjamin Heisenberg’s third feature ÜBER-ICH UND DU wrapped principal photography at the end of September, marking the first collaboration with Janine Jackowski and Maren Ade’s Berlin and Munich-based production outfit Komplizen Film.

“Maren and I have known Benjamin since film school in Munich,” Jackowski recalls. “We have wanted for a long time to work together because we rate him very highly as a filmmaker.“

He had been developing the screenplay with Josef Lechner since 2008, and Komplizen Film were “really happy“ when Heisenberg came to them with this project.

Described as “a comical, double trouble buddy movie” with both sensual and cryptic moments, ÜBER-ICH UND DU shows how the improbabilities of life bring the washed-up boheme Nick Gutlicht together with the star psychologist Curt Ledig who is rather long in the tooth and highly controversial because of his Nazi connections. Although he puts up some resistance, Nick soon becomes an object for the old man to study. A life out of kilter is gradually brought back into order, while a faltering memory manages to retrieve the truth about the involvement with the Third Reich.

“It is a comedy which is quite a different kind of genre for Benjamin after SLEEPER and THE ROBBER,” Jackowski explains, adding that the co-production between Germany, Austria and Switzerland was “really an organic one: part of the story is set in the Alps, and the Austrian co-producer Franz Novotny already has another project in development with Benjamin. The Swiss connection – with veteran producer Ruth Waldburger – also made sense since Benjamin is now living in Switzerland, and one part of the film is also set there.”

Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Director Benjamin Heisenberg
Screenplay Benjamin Heisenberg, Josef Lechner
Cinematography Reinhold Vorschneider
Cast André Wilms, Georg Friedrich, Susanne Wolff, Maria Hofstätter, Elisabeth Orth, Margarita Broich, Markus Schleinzer, Bettina Stucky, Johanna Bantzer, John Keogh
Producers Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach, Maren Ade
Co-Producers Ruth Waldburger, Franz Novotny, Alexander Glehr, Peter Heilrath
Production Company Komplizen Film, in co-production with Vega Film/Zurich, Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion, in cooperation with WDR, BR, ARTE, SRF/Zurich
Shooting Dates July-September 2012
Festivals Berlinale 2014 (Panorama), CPH PIX 2014, Havana 2014
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, BKM, Eurimages, Creative Europe MEDIA, Bundesamt für Kultur, Zürcher Filmstiftung, ÖFI, FISA Filmstandort Austria, Filmfonds Wien, CineTirol

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