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Street of Sorrow, The (freudlose Gasse, Die)

Street of Sorrow, The

Austria, during the great inflation. The entire country has broken down; once opulent districts of Vienna, symbols of the city's wealth, are marked by poverty and neglect. Nonetheless, there are still those who unscrupulously take advantage of the desperate situation of others. For example, the former small-businessman Rosenow, who has now become general director of the Central European Bank. As a person, he is a good-hearted man of integrity, but as a businessman, cunning and relentless. But even other small-businessmen take advantage of the desolate situation. The butcher, the baker, the seamstress. While the butcher uses his power to bend the will of beautiful young girls, the seamstress has other plans for them: she couples the young girls with well-situated men, who are eager to pay a price for a bit of physical warmth in these cold times. Not even the murder of the rich Lia Leid can keep them from their evil deeds.
Genre Drama
Category Feature, Silent
Year of Production 1925
Director Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Screenplay Willy Haas
Cinematography Guido Seeber, Curt Oertel, Walter Robert Lach
Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Mark Sorkin
Hans Sohnle, Otto Erdmann
Cast Werner Krauss, Asta Nielsen, Greta Garbo, Agnes Esterhazy, Henry Stuart, Einar Hanson, Grigori Chmara, Karl Etlinger, Ilka Gruening, Jaro Fuerth, Robert Garrison, Tamara Tolstoi, Valeska Gert, Hertha von Walther, Mario Cusmich
Producers Michael Salkin, Romain Pinés
Production Company Sofar-Film-Produktion, Berlin
Runtime 96 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Intertitled Versions English, French, German
German Distributor DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum e.V.

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