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Rosenzweig´s Freedom (Rosenzweigs Freiheit)

Rosenzweig´s Freedom

Germany 1991. Skinheads are attacking an asylum seekers hostel. In the same night, a Neonazi leader is shot dead. Michael Rosenzweig, a manual labourer, is the suspect. He was with his Vietnamese girlfriend in the hostel when it was attacked. He cannot remember the events of the night of the crime. His brother Jakob, a young lawyer, takes on his defence. However, neither his fight against Neonazis nor his brilliant defence against a hostile state prosecutor are able to secure freedom for his brother.
Rosenzweig's Freedom confronts two Jewish brothers whose parents survived the Holocaust, with the renewed flaring up of right-wing extremist violence in Germany in the '90s during the German reunification. The story and characters are fictional. The political events are not. All of the xenophobic attacks in this film, such as the attacks on the asylum seekers hostels in 1991/92 or the arson attack on Munich's main synagogue in 1970, are based on concrete facts.
Category Feature
Director Liliane Targownik
Screenplay Liliane Targownik
Cinematography Johannes Hollmann
Olga Barthel
Peter Ponger
Cast Monica Bleibtreu, Gernot Roll, Pierre Franckh, Benjamin Sadler, Christoph Gareissen, Peter Roggisch, Felix von Manteuffel, Bernd Stegemann, Uyen Van Thi Dao
Producer Susan Schulte
Production Company SWF/Baden-Baden
Runtime 89 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Karlovy Vary 98, Hof 98

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