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photo © Timo Müller

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2014

Volker is 63 and has lived the last 20 years on the Red Mountain. He is convinced he has found an ancient city and, against all resistance, is excavating it. So starts THE RED MOUNTAIN COMPLEX, a film that reveals, bit by bit, a fascinating network beneath reality, a network of many other realities.

The Red Mountain, a vertical cliff, lies on a river near Trier. It is many layers of red sandstone, formed over millions of years. In sunlight it shines in countless shades of that most striking of the primary colors.

The Red Mountain is a maybe not so distant relation of Mars, the warrior planet, a giant ‘Orgon’ battery, that form of energy postulated by Wilhelm Reich, which he characterized firstly as “biological”, later as “primordially cosmic”, a secret generator of force fields, a giver of ideas, a catalyst. It cannot all be a coincidence. Things happen here. Hidden.

“The mountain affects everyone,” Volker says. “It amplifies your characteristics, the good but also the bad.” Volker must know. Nobody knows the mountain better. He lives through and with it, and it lives in him. The site is large, spread across several levels. It cannot be seen from the town below or from above. It is a secret world of its own. Volker has made steps and paths. He enjoys some local support. But there are also “evil forces” that want to stop him, particularly his “special friend, a professionally bad man, who destroys, sets fires.” He will even kill. The police, church and social services don’t believe Volker. But what if it is all true? Or maybe it is irrelevant?

It is about this truth. In the area of conflict between facts, knowledge, belief, traces, fantasies. Our truth. The film is not a portrait of Volker. The work itself can be compared with a research film or travel film. Whereby the author, by means of Volker's stories, undertakes the journey for himself and documents the expedition in the manner of an essay. An exciting expedition into a foreign world that is strangely distant but also very close, THE RED MOUNTAIN COMPLEX (from the makers of TOTEM, which screened in Venice in 2011) explores the area of conflict between facts, knowledge, belief and fantasy.

Genre Experimental
Category Documentary
Director Timo Müller
Screenplay Timo Müller
Producer Jessica Krummacher
Co-Producers Tobias Walker, Philipp Worm
Production Company Klappboxfilme, in co-production with Walker+Worm Film
Shooting Dates September-October 2014, January-February 2015
With backing from Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Jessica Krummacher, Timo Müller
Krummacher und Müller GbR
Stockumer Straße 12
44892 Bochum