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What's to do when your life's work is at stake? Fighting tooth and nail of course by fair means or foul. For Kasper (the German version of Mr. Punch) only the foul ones will do it. Because his theater is on the brink of ruin, he decides to kidnap the star of the rivalry company – Kalle, the cocaine sniffing polar bear – to hold him to ransom. With the help of his ensemble – Crocidile, Granny, Seppel and Gretel – the hijacking succeeds, but what comes after is like all hell is breaking loose. Kalle is a rather recalcitrant hostage and Kasper's mates start questioning his plan. The remaining colleagues, frog Kalkenhorst and the Mole, while trying to round up the money, must realize that their manager Richy has serious gambling issues leading the company to go bust. As if that weren't enough, Spec, a psychopathic mobster, is after Ricky because of gambling debts. Trials and tribulations are the entailment - love, death and the chance for a new beginning the ending.

PUPPET FICTION is Germany's first movie showing actors and hand-puppets together in a kidnapping story full of violence, drugs, sex and a morbid sense of humor.
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2014
Director René Marik
Screenplay René Marik
Cinematography Bernhard Jasper
Cast Christoph Maria Herbst, Dorka Gryllus, Rike Schubert, Ulli Voland, Lars Frank
Producers René Marik, Johan Robin, Oliver Stoltz
Production Company Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion/Berlin
Runtime 94 min
Format HD, color
Subtitled Version English

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