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One day, poor old toymaker Geppetto finds a piece of pine-wood. He carves it into a puppet, which he names Pinocchio. Geppetto is delighted when his puppet suddenly comes to life, but Pinocchio is full of reckless whims and wild ideas. Before long, his crazy escapades cause considerable damage in the village, causing big problems for Geppetto – who loses his temper with his "son". Pinocchio runs away from home and winds up in a series of madcap adventures: He meets the puppeteer Mangiafuoco, who almost throws him into the fire; he is tricked by two petty gangsters, the Fox and the Cat; he is abducted and transformed into a donkey by an evil coachman – and then sold to a circus-owner, who wants to turn him into salami. Meanwhile, Geppetto is searching desperately for Pinocchio, and ends up being swallowed by a whale. But at the end of a long, adventurous journey, Pinocchio – having learned how to be considerate and courageous – manages to rescue his "father" from the whale and becomes a real boy.

PINOCCHIO is partly animated and features a cute, modern Pinocchio alongside some of Germany’s most acclaimed actors, led by Mario Adorf, best-known for his appearance in the Academy Award®-winning THE TIN DRUM, Inka Friedrich (SUMMER IN BERLIN), Sandra Hüller (RÉQUIEM), Ulrich Tukur (THE WHITE RIBBON) and Benjamin Sadler (DRESDEN), in a suspenseful and humorous adventure.
Genre Family Entertainment, Literature
Category Feature
Year of Production 2014
Director Anna Justice
Screenplay Anna Justice, Alexandra Maxeiner
Cinematography Mathias Neumann
Cast Mario Adorf, Ulrich Tukur, Benjamin Sadler, Inka Friedrich, Florian Lukas, Sandra Hüller
Producer Michael Smeaton
Production Company FFP New Media/Cologne, in co-production with WDR
Runtime 100 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.85
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Shanghai 2014, Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2014
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

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